How do I take a test with BioStrip?

1. Log into your NutraLife AI™ App and click on Test > Take a test > Get started. 

2. Read all the steps displayed on the screen. When ready, click on “Get started”. 

3. Open the strip packaging and click “Continue”.

4. Urinate on the strip for 2-3 seconds, making sure to cover all the colored boxes. Check both options displayed on the screen to activate the “Continue” button. Click on it.

5. Read the suggestions displayed on the screen and check each one to ensure an optimal result and to activate the “All done! Start timer.” button. Click on it. The timer will start.

6. Wait for the timer to reach at least 60 seconds to activate the "Scan" button. Click on it to turn on the camera.

7. Place the strip in frame to capture the image. Make sure to frame the whole strip, included QR code and angles. When the strip is correctly captured by the cam, the frame will turn green.

8. Your result will appear on the screen as soon as the analysis is complete. Click on the "View my scores" button to be redirected to your parameters insights page.

Can I take a BioStrip test during pregnancy?