What impact do your choices have? 

Are the supplements you are taking every morning making a difference in your health?
What about your efforts to exercise and sleep more?
Are these choices contributing to real improvements, or is it just in your head?
How do you know if the choices you make are moving you in the right direction?

Instead of making blind choices, 
imagine a life where you could see for yourself what was working, where you could measure with high accuracy what moved the needle, and what had no impact on your biodata. Imagine also that you could identify when your body was mineral or vitamin deficient.

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You are imagining your 

NutraLife AI,

where you can quantify what is good for you and know what actions you can take to improve your wellness, as you regularly track your progress over time.

The Next Revolution


   NutraLife AI enables our community of users to enjoy wellness-centered lifestyles aided by real-time data and personalized advice. Join NutraLife AI and begin your journey of unparalleled understanding of your health and wellness, all from the convenience of home.Take control like never before and let us inspire you with targeted direction to assist you on this transformative path.

The journey starts here.

Making it all possible are BioStrips and the free NutraLife AI App, backed by a powerful generative artificial intelligence, to give you an unmatched, personal experience.


 BioStrips Help Reveal Insightful Health Data, in Real Time.

You may not know it, but your urine contains a wealth of information — key bio-data about your health. Urine testing has long been commonplace, and now BioStrips are revolutionizing an at-home approach to this proven method of evaluating health and wellness.

BioStrips measure 10 important aspects of your health based on bio-data in your urine:




Vitamin C




Oxidative Stress


 Each BioStrip has a series of colored boxes, and each box reacts in predictable ways to chemical markers in your urine. These reactions can be detected, analyzed, and reported. Use a BioStrip weekly to closely monitor your bio-data, and to see progress and understand what’s working.

Testing is easy, fast, and convenient!

Download the NutraLife AI App from the App Store or the Google Play Store and register.

Allow urine to saturate all colored boxes for a minimum of 2-5 seconds.

Wait 60 seconds for the strip to fully activate. A timer will display on the test screen of your NutraLife AI App for your convenience.

Tap the test icon in the App to take a photo of your BioStrip. Check your App to get your results.

 Artificial Intelligence, Real-Time Results

Once your BioStrip test is complete, you submit a photo of it through the NutraLife AI App. As soon as you do, our proprietary generative AI applies machine learning to process your data. In seconds, you’ll have a full, real-time report of what’s happening in your body, showing you where you’re too high, too low, or doing great! Because BioStrips react to urine the same way with each test, and because we have trained our AI with vast sample data, you can trust your results to be consistently accurate, week after week. And, your data is always 100% private. 

Your BioStrip results are only part of the story. Our AI also shares actionable advice to help you maintain good measurements and improve where needed. 
As you continuously test and submit more data, NutraLife AI establishes a powerful feedback loop, offering timely and personalized direction. Your journey becomes a collaborative effort between you and the generative AI, as it provides clear support and insights fueled by your own unique data.

The Data Adds Up

Track over time how your lifestyle choices are leading to changes, positive or negative. Don’t be surprised to see your magnesium score improve after you start taking a magnesium supplement. Or watch what happens when you focus on drinking plenty of water every day.

See for yourself and enjoy personalized support from our unique AI. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play to download the free NutraLife AI app and purchase your first batch of BioStrips to get started.


With NutraLife AI and BioStrips, you can stop guessing if your behaviors have a positive impact on your health. 

Embrace a life of real-time, personalized guidance for your health and wellness journey. 

That’s NutraLife AI! 


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Note: The NutraLife AI app available in your market may vary from the description presented here to conform to local regulatory requirements.