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About NutraMatic

NutraMatic is a patent-pending countertop device designed to provide users with their AI optimized and personalized combination of nutrition supplements, based on their current biodata status.

Preproduction prototypes have been created and displayed at a product event in Taiwan, November 2023.

NutraMatic is expected to be available for shipping to customers in Q2 2024.


Many attendees at a November 2023 product event in Taipei sought a close-up view of NutraMatic following its reveal.

Real Benefits Beyond Precision

Personalized and optimized nutrients are the headline with NutraMatic, but the convenience of having a personal supplements machine can’t be overlooked. Not to mention taking all the guesswork out of supplementation. With NutraMatic, get what you need, when you need it.

NutraLife AI Program (NAP)

NAP is an international investigational study designed to gather and analyze participant biomarker data which will be used to train our NutraLife AI knowledge domain and provide an even more personalized solution to our customers.
This international study will be run in phases, where voluntary participants enrol in groups and once sufficient participants have been enrolled, the group will be closed and that group of participants will start the first phase of the NutraLife AI Program together.

The first group of participants will join NAP1 and it is limited to 1,000 participants. Enrolment commenced on Nov 14, 2023 via the NutraLife AI app and NAP1 will close on the earlier of when 1,000 participants have been enrolled or close of business of December 9, 2023. NAP1 participants will commence the first phase of the study on December 10, 2023 and this phase will run for 24 weeks.

Enrolment for NAP2 will open on December 10, 2023 and will close on December 31, 2023. Participants who enrolled prior to December 10, but were not allocated a place in NAP1 will automatically be enrolled in NAP2. NAP2 will commence the first phase of the study on December 11, 2023 and it will run for 24 weeks.

Subsequent NAPs will be scheduled if additional AI knowledge domain training is required and it is expected that these NAPs will be run monthly.​

What you need. When you need it.