How can I see the insights of my Steps count in my App?

When entering the App Data page, you’ll find an overview of your basic physical activity in the first part of the screen, displaying:

  • Steps: the number of steps taken during the day. Right below, you can see the steps goal you set.
  • Stand-up hours: how much time (in hours) you spend standing up during the day.
  • Calories: how many calories you burnt during the day.

To check the details of each value, tap the screen. You’ll access all the insights and past records; click on the icons located in the upper part of the screen to view Steps, Calories, or Stand Up.

You can also go through your past records by clicking on “Today”, at the top of the page, to make the calendar appear.

You can also change the display by clicking on the D on the page’s bottom right, enabling you to view past records. In this view, slide your finger to the right on the diagram displayed in the top half of the screen to show all the previous days’ data.

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