Where can I get BioStrips for my NAP?

To make it easy for you, we at NutraLife.AI have put together NAP Packs with all you need to complete your NAP. The price of BioStrips in these NAP Packs have been discounted to support your participation in your NAP. We have also provided some free BioStrips so you can encourage your friends and family to participate. 

Three NAP Packs are available depending on your specific requirements:

  • NAP Pack: 6 BioStrip Packs (sufficient for participants to compete their NAPp) + 1 FREE BioStrip Pack for a friend.
  • NAP Pack+: The NAP Pack + your choice of BioSense™ health band.
  • NAP Pack+ Family: 4 NAP Packs+.

NAP Packs are available for purchase here.

What do I need to do to successfully complete my NAP?